Performance Metrics for Classification and Regression Algorithms

We will examine many performance indicators used frequently in machine learning in this post. The performance and efficiency of our machine learning model are measured using performance metrics. In machine learning, the performance of a model is often evaluated using performance metrics. These metrics help assess the accuracy and effectiveness of classification and regression algorithms. […]

What is Dimensionality Reduction? Overview, Objectives, and Popular Techniques

Table of Contents What is Dimensionality Reduction Why Dimensionality Reduction is Important Dimensionality Reduction Methods and Approaches Dimensionality Reduction Techniques Dimensionality Reduction Example Learning by machine is not an easy task. Okay, so that’s a lesser statement. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning represent a major step in making computers think like humans, but both concepts […]

Beginner Guide to NLP

Resources for getting started with natural language processing 📘 Speech and Language Processing by Dan Jurafsky and James H. Martin Studying the fundamentals is vital in learning about any subject you are studying. I am a huge advocate for that as this has worked for me. I have been following this book for a while and […]

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