Top Python Libraries You Should Know in 2022

Python libraries are a set of useful functions that eliminate the need to write code from scratch. There are currently more than 137,000 python libraries and they play a vital role in the development of machine learning, data science, data visualization, image and data manipulation applications, and more. Let’s start with a brief introduction to […]

How to create a Digital Clock in Python With Tkinter

How to Make a Digital Clock with Python and Tkinter: We will now make a digital Clock. Here is its Demo. Importing Modules Import the following modules. Here we have imported Tkinter, DateTime, and platform(for determining Operating System) Making a Tkinter Window We will now make a Tkinter window. We have made a simple Tkinter […]

7 Mobile App Testing Ideas That Will Speed Up Your Releases.

When it comes to apps, it’s not just about the app itself. You need a platform that enables you to deliver an app that will delight your users and bring in revenue. Adhering to best practices is essential even if you’re a one-person shop, so you can avoid any mishaps on launch day. Here are […]

What is Digital image processing in simple terms?

Before we dive deeper into digital image processing, we need to understand what an image actually is, A digital image is a representation of a two-dimensional image as a finite set of digital values, called picture elements or pixels. Why do we process? If you what to make a cup of tea we do need to follow […]

Create a digital clock using Python-Turtle

Alarm Clock

Prerequisites: Turtle in programming Python. Turtle is a special feature of Python. Using Turtle, we can easily draw on a drawing board. First, we import the turtle module. Then create a window, next we create a turtle object and using the turtle methods we can draw on the drawing board. In this blog we’ll be […]

How to create a voice recorder in Python

Python can be used to perform a variety of tasks. One of them is creating a voice recorder. We can use python’s sounddevice module to record and play audio. This module along with the wavio or the scipy module provides the way to save recorded audio. Installation sounddevice: This module provides functions to play and record NumPy arrays containing audio signals. Let’s install […]

How to create Movie Recommendation System

Movie Recommendation System

In this notebook, I will try to use a few recommendation algorithms (content-based, popular-based and shared filters) and try to build a collection of these models to come up with our final movie recommendation system. For us, we have two MovieLens data sets. Full Data Set: Contains 26,000,000 ratings and 750,000 tag requests applied to […]

How to Predict Movie will be Flop or Hit and it’s Revenue?

Movie Recommendation System

The Birth of the motion picture camera in the late 18th century gave birth to the most powerful form of entertainment available: Cinema. Movies have been able to entertain audiences from the emergence of a single second of horse racing in the 1890s to the introduction of sound in the 1920s to the birth of […]

How to create a simple movie recommendation System

Introduction This part of the Content Editor Internship ” “Every time I go to a movie, it’s magical, no matter what the movie is about. – Steven Spielberg Everyone loves movies regardless of age, gender, race, color, or location. We are all in some way connected to each other in this amazing way. But most […]

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