Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm

Hierarchical Clustering is a type of unsupervised machine learning algorithm used to group similar data points together. The goal of this algorithm is to create a hierarchy of clusters, where each cluster is a subset of the previous one. The algorithm starts by treating each data point as its own cluster. It then repeatedly merges […]

8 Essential Machine Learning Terms You must Know

Data Wrangling Data Wrangling is the process of gathering, selecting, cleaning, structuring, and enriching raw data into the desired format for better decision-making in less time. If you want to create an efficient ETL pipeline(Extract, transform, and load) or create beautiful data visualizations, you should be prepared to do a lot of data wrangling-springboard. Data […]

Clustering & Visualization of Clusters using PCA

Customer’s Segmentation based on their Credit Card usage behavior Dataset for this notebook consists of the credit card usage behavior of customers with 18 behavioral features. Segmentation of customers can be used to define marketing strategies. Content of this Kernel: Data Preprocessing Clustering using KMeans Interpretation of Clusters Visualization of Clusters using PCA (8950, 18) […]

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