Python Linked List: Inserting an Element After a Specific Node

Learn how to efficiently insert a new element after a specific node in a linked list using Python. Follow this step-by-step guide with code examples to understand the implementation details.

Find out the Longest Path in a matrix

Explain the central limit theorem and give examples of when you can use it in a real-world problem.

The center limit theorem states that if any random variable, regardless of the distribution, is sampled a large enough time, the sample mean will be approximately normally distributed. This allows for studying the properties of any statistical distribution as long as there is a large enough sample size. Important remark from Adrian Olszewski:⚠️ we can rely on […]

What are the motivation behind random forests and mention two reasons why they are better than individual decision trees?

The motivation behind random forest or ensemble models in general in layman’s terms, Let’s say we have a question/problem to solve we bring 100 people and ask each of them the question/problem and record their solution. Next, we prepare a solution which is a combination/ a mixture of all the solutions provided by these 100 […]

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