What are Lumira Documents?

Lumira documents are files produced with either SAP Lumira Discovery or SAP Lumira Designer that are stored on the BI platform. In both tools, SAP Lumira Designer and SAP Lumira Discovery, it is also possible to store Lumira documents on the user’s local machine in a common folder shared between SAP Lumira Designer and SAP Lumira Discovery, called SAP Lumira Documents. The file extension of locally stored Lumira documents is .lumx. […]

How to open SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform (Legacy) Mode

To launch SAP Lumira Designer, choose Start  All Programs  SAP Business Intelligence  SAP Lumira  Lumira Designer. Depending on the mode in which you log on, perform the following steps: This mode lets you create analysis applications in the legacy format of Design Studio 1.6, which are stored on the BI platform. You can also open, edit, and save analysis applications created […]

Start-Up Modes for the Design Tool

SAP Lumira Designer can be used and started in the following modes: SAP Lumira Documents mode: This is the default mode that supports the creation of Lumira documents, which may contain any number of analysis applications, composites, MIME objects and/or offline datasets created with Lumira Discovery. This mode can handle both local documents and documents stored on the BI […]

Getting Started With SAP Lumira

What is SAP Lumira SAP Lumira helps customers access information from trusted business data and personal data sources, and share such information through interactive displays, news, and analytics applications with other users, desktop browsers, and mobile devices. SAP Lumira provides connectivity to SAP business data models in SAP BW, SAP HANA, and SAP BusinessObjects universes […]

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