How to resolve:- requested state cache element does not exist for key

S: RSSDK:400 Requested state cache element does not exist for key 1 Issue Description: While extracting data from SQL server(Source system) to BW System we might face this issue. Even when the RFC connection is fine. Reason- When the data is sent back to BW from the SQL source system, the JDBC connector gets confused […]

How to create a process chain? Step By Step

I want to continue my series for beginners new to SAP BI. In this blog, I write down the necessary steps how to create a process chain loading data with an info package and with a DTP, activation, and scheduling of this chain. 1.) Call transaction RSPC RSPC is the central transaction for all your process chain maintenance. […]

Types of DTP in SAP BW

DTP determines the process of transferring data between two persistent / non-persistent objects within the BI. In this blog we’ll be discussing about the types of DTP in SA Starting with SAP NetWeaver 7.0, InfoPackage uploads data from Source System to PSA. DTP decides to upload more data thereafter. Use Uploading data from PSA to […]

How to calculate the period of the previous month.

There are lots of ways to solve this; I will provide a few and you can choose and modify however you see fit. I am making the assumption you want to get the data for a given month; most likely the previous month, but you could easily get a different month. 1. Variables in WEBI […]


INFOCUBESĀ in SAP BW Infocube is data storage area in which we maintain data which we are extracting from source system physically. An Info cube can function as both a data target and an Info provider. From a reporting point of view, an Info cube can be described as a self-contained data set.For example, a Sales […]

How to wrap text column of a Dimension in Crosstab of Lumira Designer

Question We have build a dashboard in Lumira designer and used a crosstab in it. For a particular Characteristic (Dimension) for few rows in data sets the text value is more than 200 chars. Due to which entire column takes enormous width resulting in scroll. Is there any way we can wrap text the value […]

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