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What is DevOps?

  • The term DevOp was performed by combining the words “Development” and “Operations”
  • DevOps is the combination of practices and tools
  • DevOps helps to increase the organization’s speed to deliver software applications and services
How DevOps works

Just like with everything else in web development, there are best practices for working with DevOp

Continuous Integration : This means that every time you commit code and it gets merged into a main branch, it will go through the automated tests you set up. Any unit tests you have written will be run here.

Continuous Delivery : Once you have a build ready, this part will take that build and automatically deploy it. It’s usually the next step after continuous integration.

Monitoring : After your application has been deployed automatically, you might have certain statistics you need to watch. Memory usage is a big one and so is the number of users accessing the application.

DevOps Life Cycle

Here is a brief information about the continuous DevOps life-Cycle:

  • Development :

In this DevOps stage the development of software takes the place constantly. In this phase, the entire development process is separated into small development cycles. This benefits DevOps team to speed up software development and delivery process.

  • Testing

QA Team use tools like selenium to identify and fix bugs in the new piece of code.

  • Integration

In this stage, new functionality is integrated with the prevailing code, and testing takes place, Continuous Development is only possible due to continuous integration and testing.

  • Deployment

In this phase, the deployment process takes place continuously. It is performed in such a manner that any changes made any time in the code, should not affect the functioning of high traffic website.

  • Monitoring

In this phase, operation team will take care of the inappropriate system behavior or bugs which are found in production

Best DevOps Resources

There are a few more, but these are the bare bones of DevOps. Some developers might include infrastructure as code and microservices in DevOps and that’s great. It makes the application even better ! If you learn how to handle at least the three practices above, you’ll be able to handle the majority of projects using DevOps

  • The DZone
  • DevOps Days Repository
  • DevOps Subreddit
  • DevOps Cafe Podcast
  • DevOps Reactions

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