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What are Lumira Documents?

Lumira documents are files produced with either SAP Lumira Discovery or SAP Lumira Designer that are stored on the BI platform.

In both tools, SAP Lumira Designer and SAP Lumira Discovery, it is also possible to store Lumira documents on the user’s local machine in a common folder shared between SAP Lumira Designer and SAP Lumira Discovery, called SAP Lumira Documents. The file extension of locally stored Lumira documents is .lumx.

End users access Lumira documents from the BI Launchpad.

Differences with regard to the document creation tool

Depending on the tool Lumira documents are created with, there are the following differences:

  • Lumira Discovery documents can contain the following:
    • One or more datasets
    • Charts built from datasets
    • Stories that describe data using charts, text, navigation points, and images.
  • Lumira Designer documents can contain the following:
    • Any number of analysis applications
    • Any number of composites
    • Any number of MIME objects
    • Any number of offline datasets created in Lumira Discovery

Defining the displayed content of Lumira documents for end-user consumption

On the BI platform, the stored Lumira documents can serve as containers for Lumira Discovery stories, analysis applications, composites, MIME objects (MIMEs), or offline datasets.

With Lumira Designer documents, the application designer defines which content of the document is displayed by setting one analysis application of the document as the default application.

In BI Launchpad, end-users access Lumira Designer documents, and not analysis applications as with Design Studio 1. x. The analysis application that is tagged as the default application is launched when they open the document in BI Launchpad.

With Lumira Discovery documents, the contained stories are embedded into a Lumira Discovery application that will be launched when the document is double-clicked in BI Launchpad.


From a technical point of view, stories are composites. As composites cannot be displayed on their own, but need an analysis application as a container, the Lumira Discovery stories need the Lumira Discovery application. This Lumira Discovery application is not visible as such in the Lumira document file.

In Lumira Designer, application designers can either define any analysis application of the document as the default application or define the Lumira Discovery application as the default application.

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