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Scheduling an object with events in SAP BO

In this post we’ll be explaining about scheduling an object with events in SAP BO. When you schedule an object with events, the object runs only when the event occurs. You can schedule objects to wait for the following event types:

  • File-based: Triggered by the existence of a specified file
  • Custom: Manually triggered
  • Schedule-based: Triggered by another object running

If you want a scheduled object to trigger an event, you must choose a schedule-based event.

Scheduling objects based on an event

When you schedule an object based on an event, the object will run only when the event is triggered and the remaining schedule conditions are met.

If an event is triggered before the start date of the object, the object will not run. If you specified an end date for the object and the event is not triggered before the end date occurs, the object will not run because not all conditions were met.

If you choose a weekly, monthly, or calendar schedule, the object has a specified time period when it can run. The event must be triggered within that time frame for the object to run. For example, if you schedule a weekly report object that runs on Tuesdays, the event must be triggered before the end date of the instance—the end of Monday.

Scheduling objects to trigger an event

To schedule an object with an event, you must first create the event.

When you schedule an object to trigger a schedule-based event, after the object runs, BI platform triggers the event. For example, if a schedule-based event is based on an instance running successfully, the event is not triggered if the instance fails.

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