Infocube is data storage area in which we maintain data which we are extracting from source system physically. An Info cube can function as both a data target and an Info provider. From a reporting point of view, an Info cube can be described as a self-contained data set.
For example, a Sales Amount Info cube which has dimensions like MONTH – PRODUCT-CUSTOMER-REGION can be viewed by any of the axes, for example total sales by region or by customer. The dimensions of an Info-Cube are entities or hierarchies.

How to create an Infocube:

Step 1)

– Go to transaction code RSA1.– Click the OK button.

Step 2)
    – Navigate to Modeling tab -> Info provider.    – Right click on Info area.    – Click on “create info cube” from the context menu.

Step 3)
    – Enter the Technical Name.    – Enter the Description.    – Choose the option button “Standard Info cube”.    – Click on the create button.

Step 4)
– Right click on Dimension 1 -> Properties.

Step 5)
– Rename the Dimension as per Info object information.

Step 6)
– Right click on the Dimension -> Info object Direct Input to Insert Info objects into        the dimension.

Step 7)
– Select Characteristics.

Step 8)
– Select Airline ID in characteristics.

  Drag and drop it into Dimension.

Step 9)
– Similarly create new dimensions and follow the steps 4-8 to add the Info objects.

 Step 10)
– Adding Key figure Info objects in the Info cube.

Step 11)
– Follow the processes above to add more Key Figures.

Step 12)
– Activate the Info cube.

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