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How to start programming? Step By Step Guide

Programming is the key to getting success in a tech carrier, when I talk about programming I mean efficient programming. It means the coding which is time and space-efficient.

How can we make programs which is time and space-efficient by learning data structure and Algorithms? So that’s why data structure and algorithms are so much required for preparing for interviews. Now there is a huge list of websites that are there for preparing these algorithms and these algorithms and data structures are mostly used during interviews as when we are working in Industry we mostly focus on API development and using the existing library. Before providing you with the list of websites let me show you how to prepare for coding.

All these steps required a good amount of time for preparation, so you can consider many online websites for working on these different steps.

  1. Understanding Data structure and Algorithms: Online Resources

Free Resources

  • GeeksForGeeks Bible for programming, I haven’t seen any problems that is asked in interview which is not resent in this website
  • programizFor preparing DSA with all theory

Below are the paid subscription-based websites. In paid subscription, all the contents are well arranged and proper explanation of all lectures

2. Practice and Solve different problems

Below websites are good platforms for practicing a variety of problems in data structure and algorithms

3. Practice writing production code

This can only be achieved by more and more practice. Make a habit of writing production code that should work in every input

4. Participate in Coding Competition

Below are some of the best platforms for participating in Coding competitions, Top coders throughout the world participate in these websites

Happy Learning 🙂

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