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How to Create Master Data Texts

Steps To Create Master Data (Texts) Manually

  • We will be learning how to enter data for texts into an Info Object
  • Let’s consider we will be entering manually the following data for Info Object ‘Sales Region’
Sales RegionDescription
#Not Assigned
Table 1.1


  • Step 1 : Go to Info object under modelling and create a new info object by right clicking on the Info object catalog
  • Step 2:- Enter a technical name and description for the Info Object. Click ok.
  • Step 3:- Under general tab, enter the data type, length. Also tick the lower case letters option.
  • Step 4 :- Under Master data/texts tab, uncheck the with master data option. Check and Activate
  • Step 5 :- Go to Info Provider, select the Info Area under which you created the sales region info object, right click and choose the option ‘Insert Characteristic as Info Object’.
  • Step 6:- Enter the Info Object technical name in the pop up that appears next and press ok.

We now see the info object available as an info provider

  • Step 7 : Go to info object ‘sales org’, right click and choose ‘Maintain Master Data’
  • Step 8:- Click Execute
  • Step 9: – Click on the create button as shown below
  • Step 10:- Enter the values for Master Data Texts
  • Step 11:- Similarly, create the remaining records to the master data text table (as shown in Table 1.1)
  • Step 12:- Save and Check data by double clicking text table of the Info object. The data will appear.

Output is as below

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