SAP SAP Lumira

Getting Started With SAP Lumira

What is SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira helps customers access information from trusted business data and personal data sources, and share such information through interactive displays, news, and analytics applications with other users, desktop browsers, and mobile devices.

SAP Lumira provides connectivity to SAP business data models in SAP BW, SAP HANA, and SAP BusinessObjects universes (UNX) as well as a variety of third-party information and file data, for data acquisition, cleaning, and fraud. Additionally, fully integrated SAP HANA and SAP BW internet (including BW Integrated Planning and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 Embedded) data models are provided to enable depth at very low reliable granularity without duplication of data. . Integration with SAP HANA smart data streaming is also provided to enable real-time applications.

To visualize data and enable interaction, SAP Lumira offers powerful UI features such as charts, crosstabs, geo maps, and filters outside the box, as well as a rich set of ready-to-use analysis tools, templates, and samples. Both self-help dashboards and managed, centralized (IT) applications are built from the same UI objects library and the same data and resource connections, to provide consistent and consistent information for end-to-end business users. The UI feature library is based on the latest SAPUI5 HTML5 library and ensures compliance with SAP’s Fiori UI strategy while leaving the full flexibility to customize the look and feel by customer-specific business standards. Rich APIs and SDKs are provided to create unique customer-specific visuals and data connectors, thanks to a large ecosystem of partner extensions.

It provides dedicated tools and delivery units to meet the specific needs of key business users, corporate analytics application designers, administrators, and end-to-end business users:

SAP Lumira Designer

This designer is a wealthy client of professional analytics application designers (usually those working in IT departments) to create business analysis applications and reports. Lumira Designer offers the same UI features as Lumira Discovery and more, and allows full control of app look and feel and user interaction through CSS text sheets with text. Lumira Designer also enables the creation of shared UI objects (such as titles, footer, and toolbars) and the division of complex applications into smaller, manageable components, allowing less costly BI deployments for large companies.

SAP Lumira Server

SAP Lumira Server is installed on the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform and hosts the execution runtime of Lumira documents that are created from Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer, as well as analysis applications created withLumira Designer or Design Studio. Administrators manage and secure Lumira documents and analysis applications with standard tools and mechanisms of the BI platform. Business users can view Lumira documents and analysis applications from the BI Launchpad in desktop browsers or on mobile devices through SAP BusinessObjects Mobile. They can interact with data (filtering, sorting, ranking, for example), adapt visualizations, create and share personal views (bookmarks), export data, and print Lumira documents.


All three deployment units share the same technology stack for data connectivity, UI elements, personalization, and collaboration, enabling a coherent user experience and smooth interoperability between the Lumira deployment units.

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