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Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm

Hierarchical Clustering is a type of unsupervised machine learning algorithm used to group similar data points together. The goal of this algorithm is to create a hierarchy of clusters, where each cluster is a subset of the previous one. The algorithm starts by treating each data point as its own cluster. It then repeatedly merges…

How to handle categorical data in machine learning

Understanding Categorical Data and its Importance in Machine Learning Categorical data is a type of data that can be divided into distinct groups or categories. In machine learning, it is common to encounter categorical data in the form of labels, such as a classification problem where the output is a set of predefined categories. Handling…

K-Means Clustering Algorithm

K-Means is a widely used clustering algorithm that partitions a set of data points into K clusters, where each cluster is defined by its centroid. The goal of the algorithm is to minimize the sum of squared distances between each data point and its closest centroid. The algorithm starts by randomly selecting K initial centroids…

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