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Find the majority element in a list in python using Boyer-Moore Majority Vote algorithm

Introduction The “majority element in a list” problem is a common problem in computer science and data analysis. In this problem, you are given a list or array of elements, and you need to determine if there exists an element in the list that appears more than half of the total number of elements. If…

Actuary CS1 B R Programming Solutions Part 1

Q1: Simulate 10,000 samples from an Exp(3) distribution, each of size n = 10, using the inverse transform method. You should save the generated values in R for later use. You must use the command set.seed(3202) to initialise the random number generator, before you start the simulation. Answer: The task is to simulate 10,000 samples…

How to convert a text into Number in Python

Introduction Most machine learning algorithms, including popular ones like linear regression, decision trees, and neural networks, require numeric input features. These algorithms perform mathematical operations on the data, such as addition, multiplication, and comparison, which can only be applied to numeric values. Therefore, text data must be converted into numeric form to use these algorithms…

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