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Outliers and Various methods of Detection

WHAT IS AN OUTLIER? Outlier is an observation that is numerically distant from the rest of the data or in a simple word it is the value which is out of the range.let’s take an example to check what happens to a data set with and data set without outliers. Data without outlier Data with […]

Python Feature Image

Precision and Recall with Scikit Learn

In this post we will demonstrate how to use SciKit Learn to calculate Precision and Recall of different machine learning in Python Precision refers to the ratio of correct answers. So in Binary example, we would determine precision by dividing true positive by true positive +false positive. and recall refers to the ratio of true […]

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How to build Machine Learning Models

In this post we will be discussing the fundamentals of building machine learning models to solve problems In Machine Learning terminology models refer to the structure that maps from an input to an output. So how is a model defined? What needs to be predicted? So Classification ,Regression, Patterns and groupings need to be determined […]

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