Decision Statements in Python

While programming sometimes you need to take some decisions. You need to test some condition: true or false. In Python there are various types of statements for this. Some of them are given below. If Statement If Else statement Nested If statements If-elif ladder. If Statement Syntax Example Output If Else Statement The Java if-else…

5 Algorrithms Every Programmer Should Know

A programming algorithm is a computer procedure that is a lot like a recipe (called a procedure) and tells your computer precisely what steps to take to solve a problem or reach a goal. Algorithms play an important role in the career of a software developer. Wondering why algorithms are important? Gives you an idea if…

How to get current Date and time in JAVA

  In this post You’ll come to know about several methods of getting current date and current time in different timezone in JAVA. Get Current Date in JAVA import java.time.LocalDate; public class CurrentDateTimeExample { public static void main(String[] args) { // Current Date LocalDate currentDate =; System.out.println(“Current Date: ” + currentDate); } } Get…


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How to host a static website on Github

What is Github? GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. This tutorial teaches you GitHub essentials like repositories, branches, commits, and Pull Requests. You’ll create your own Hello World repository and learn GitHub’s Pull Request workflow, a popular way to create and review code.…

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C language

Pure Virtual Functions and Abstract Classes in C++

A class is an abstract class if it will contain at least one virtual function.
We can’t create the object of the Abstract class because if we create the object of the abstract then we can also call the function of virtual that is virtual function has no definition. To stop the calling of virtual function c++ can create rule that is we cannot create an object of the abstract class.

Top Resources for Computer Science Learning

For self-starters interested in technology, there have never been so many options for free online education List Of Best Resources for Online Learning Competitive Programming HackerRank provides you a good platform to solve coding problems with inbuilt compiling and execution platform. HackerEarth is a website which provides you an environment to prepare for the interviews…

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