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Best Java Courses to Learn Programming

Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. Since It’s market demand is very high there are a lot of courses available on internet. I’m providing you a list of programs which might turn out useful for you while you learn.

Java Programming : Solving Problems with Software

This is an awesome course on Coursera for learning to code in Java and improves your programming and problem-solving skills. You will learn to design algorithms as well as develop and debug programs.

JAVA Fundamentals: The Java Language – Pluralsight

A good course to learn Java from a beginners point of view. It provides complete coverage of Java Programming language e.g. server-side development and client-side developing including Android apps.

The complete Java Developer Course

Though Java has changed a lot from Java SE 8, It doesn’t change much in Java 9 and Java 10, hence course which covers Java 8 syntax is good nd this is one of such courses.

Java in Depth : Become a Complete Java Engineer

This is another awesome Java Course on Udemy which you can use to learn Java from Scratch. It’s a fantastic course and lived with the tile “In-Depth”.

Java Programming for Complete Beginners

This is a relatively new course to learn Java in Udemy and that’s why it’s also most up-to-date. It uses tools like JShell which is introduced in Java 9 to teach you how to program in Java.

Object-Oriented Programming in Java Specialization

In addition to learning Java, you will gain experience with two Java development environments (BlueJ and Eclipse), learn how to program with graphical user interfaces, and learn how to design programs capable of managing large amounts of data

The Complete Java Masterclass [Udemy]

It has got more than 40K 4.6 ratings which speak a lot about its quality but the most important thing I like about this course that instructor has frequently updated it to include changes from Java 8 and Java 9.

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